Del Mar 13 Offshore Power Skiff

Del Mar 13The Del Mar 13 Offshore Power Skiff is one of the most stable, seaworthy, high performance skiffs ever built. The Del Mar 13's incredible hull was designed by George Greenough. His innovations include not only unique state of the art boat and hull design, but have been incorporated in many water sports products used today around the world.

Cathedral Hull Design

The secret to the incredible stability and ride comes from the unique hull design. The transom is referred to in Naval terms as a Cathedral Hull. The transom has a relatively deep V for a soft forgiving ride and is then complemented with outboard V shaped strakes. The outboard strakes are at a slightly higher angle of attack creating lift.

Del Mar 13 Cathedral Hull DesignUnlike most boats incorporating this design the outside strakes stop before they get to the bow reducing the pounding, drag, and spray usually associated with this design. The magic comes from the transition of the raised aggressive entry of the bow to the mid-point in the hull. It is a ride that has to be experienced to be believed.

Durability and Performance

There simply is no other boat is this size range that will outperform the Del Mar 13. What 13' skiff allows a 200 pound man to stand on the gunnel and have the boat list a mere 3 to 4 inches? With the interior design of the side compartments, you would have to tilt the boat up at over 45 degree's to have any water enter the boat. This makes the Del Mar 13 the ultimate small performance skiff for diving.

The Del Mar 13 Performance Skiff

So whether you are beach launching on the East Cape of Baja to fish inshore or offshore, diving in Catalina, launching it off your sport fisher for a shore boat, or just harbor cruising, this is the performance offshore power skiff you've been waiting for.

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